The Cuppy Foundation was founded in 2018 by Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola with a mission to empower youth to realise their potential. The primary medium in which The Cuppy Foundation works is through education. The Cuppy Foundation has supported the work of its phenomenal partners to create pathways for the most vulnerable in society to attain and capitalise on education.


The Cuppy Foundation is privileged to collaborate with a diverse network of partners. These partners bring together a wealth of experience, knowledge and innovative approaches that are essential for creating a transformative impact through education.

Save the Children, International

Save the Children International is the world’s leading organisation championing the rights and interests of children worldwide. Operating across 116 countries, the organisation responds to major emergencies, delivers innovative development programmes, and ensures children’s voices are heard through our campaigning to build a better future for and with children.

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Lagos Global

The Office of the Sustainable Development Goals and Investment (Lagos Global) is responsible for monitoring and measuring the impact of projects relevant to SDGs in Lagos State Government, Nigeria.

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AfOx is a cross-university platform based at the University of Oxford. AfOx facilitates equitable and sustainable collaborations of research between the University of Oxford and African universities, as well as creating pathways to increase the number of African students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Oxford.

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