Investing in children today, to see a better tomorrow 

The Cuppy Foundation has partnered with The Office of the Sustainable Development Goals and Investment (Lagos Global) to support State efforts in acheiving sustainable development goal 4 - quality education alongside sustainable development goal 5 - gender equality.

Our work is focused on providing resources to enable conducive teaching and learning environments in schools across Lagos - specifically through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Nigeria’s economic hub, Lagos, is Africa’s 7th largest economy - pillared by industries of entertainment, finance, science and technology. As the city continues to expand beyond its 20 million population, it is vital that generations which join the labour market are equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to add value to society and are well positioned to find meaningful employment.

Lagos has an unemployment rate of over 30%. A key contributing factor to this is the 2 million children ‘out-of-school’ in the city alongside schools in need of further resource support.



The Office of the Sustainable Development Goals and Investment (Lagos Global) 


Lagos, Nigeria

Date of Intervention

2022 - Present 


Our Impact

Development of a science lab, used by over 1,000 secondary school students.

Building of adequate sanitation facilities for over 1,000 school students.